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Dr. John Goodman Chiropractic; Upper Cervical Chiropractor

New Holland PA, Lancaster County PA




By finding our website, you have given yourself the BEST possible opportunity to uncover and remove the underlying cause of your pain! We offer a highly specialized chiropractic treatment not found anywhere else in Pennsylvania! 


Lancaster PA • Pain Relief • Back Pain • Neck Pain • Headaches • Headache • Sciatica • New Holland



Goodman Chiropractic – Chiropractors Lancaster PA


Chiropractors Lancaster PA


We do not twist, crack, or manipulate the spine in any way.



Dr. John Goodman Chiropractic: Chiropractors Lancaster PA, New Holland PA


  • Back Pain Lancaster PA
  • Lower Back Pain Lancaster PA
  • Sciatica Pain Lancaster PA
  • Migraines, Migraine Pain
  • Headache Pain Lancaster PA
  • Neck Pain Lancaster PA
  • Pain Relief Lancaster PA
  • Chronic Migraine Pain Relief

Please Call our office at 717-355-5575 for a phone consultation.

We participate with most major insurance.


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